The 1 Page Game Design Canvas is a visual thinking tool that can help improve designs of simple mobile games, and help discover ways to add game elements to business and learning applications so as to increase user motivation and engagement.

This Canvas can help you learn and apply techniques from existing games and view your own game designs more objectively by providing a framework that helps you to see games from a user-centered perspective. This reduces the risk of being distracted by miscellaneous other issues when you start prototyping and keeps your focus on the big picture and what you are trying to achieve.

This Canvas offers a way to explore game ideas more quickly than before by providing a template that can show how key game design elements interact together.  This facilitates more visual thinking about game ideas so it can help with faster, more focused prototyping iterations. Having a visual representation of a game design on a single page can also improve collaboration between teams of people because it acts as a focal point of discussion, ideas and brainstorming.